About us

Liverco develops its activity in the agricultural sector since 1962, fundamentally in the production, dehydration, and commercialisation of fodder for animal feed, guaranteeing a complete control and traceability in all the processes, from the selection of seeds, their cultivation and production, to the distribution of the dehydrated product.

We specialise in the distribution of agricultural products, specifically livestock feed and seeds, with maximum efficiency, quality, and traceability.

We produce dehydrated alfalfa, dehydrated corn silage and other animal feed products for high performance animals.

Quiénes somos Liverco
Quiénes somos Liverco

We have a solid experience in the international market for years, exporting continuously to livestock farms, feed mills, nutritionists, and distributors to more than 20 countries such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, France, and Portugal.

This international experience has helped us to strengthen our commitment to quality, innovation, and service to our customers, this being one of the main pillars of the company.

Today, Liverco has one of the most advanced fodder dehydration plants in Spain, with a total production capacity of more than 100,000 TN of fodder per year, as well as for the land managed by more than 10,000 Ha of cultivation.

Committed to the quality and sustainability of our products and processes.

We are certified with the ISO 9001 quality system.

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