We have the most innovative machinery, both agricultural and industrial and analytical of the products marketed, during production (continuous NIR system) and prior to shipment, with a highly specialised quality department.

The key to our success is the constant effort in research, development, and traceability, analysing each step and professionalising each of our processes with a clear objective, offering a nutritional product to livestock farmers, of the highest quality, becoming the dehydrator and marketer of reference in the world of the agri-food sector.

I+D+i Liverco
I+D+i Liverco

We are committed to perfection in terms of the quality of our products. We strive to improve every day and, therefore, we continue to invest and update the factory where we manufacture the products, as well as all processes seeking to reach the highest point in efficiency, potential and product quality.

Liverco believes in long-term sustainability.

In the processing plants, we apply a rapid dehydration process to the fodder, which allows us to maintain all the nutritional values of your products, favouring the distribution of an excellent quality feed.

Guaranteeing excellence in the quality of our product, we take samples of the products from the moment they enter until they are delivered to the customer. In addition, Liverco collaborates with world renowned laboratories and universities ensuring that the best quality product is offered to our customers.

Liverco’s customers are mainly dairy cooperatives, high performance livestock facilities and compound feed manufacturers.

I+D+i Liverco
Universidad de Zaragoza

We collaborate with UNIZAR – Universidad de Zaragoza.

I+D+i Liverco